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Photo Booth Rental for Corporate Events

Seeing is believing! Take a look at our photo booths in action as we talk about what sets us apart from our competition.

Photo booth experts has been providing photo booth for corporate events and trade shows since 2008 and experience matters. 

There is something about our photo booths that brings out the crazy fun side of people and your company’s employees and clients will love it.

With photo booth experts all of our photo booths are a 5 x 8 enclosure which allow for not just 1-3 people but large groups of up to 12 people which allows large groups of people to participate together.

Our photo booths are elegant and fit any decor.  There are no outside printers, cameras, and other components to clutter the area because everything is self contained right in the booth.

All photo strips come out pristine in quality thanks to our professional photo lab printers and the strips are conveniently printed right inside the booth.

Everything happens in the booth and is controlled by you using our custom software and easy to use touch screen monitor.

Photo booth experts feel that your event is not our chance to advertise using banners and signs promoting our business.  Instead we use a simple eye pleasing led sign that simply says “PHOTO BOOTH” to let everyone know we are there.

At the end of the event you are given a Disc that contains every photo taken so you will never have to worry about so you will never miss out on any of the fun photos taken.

A photo booth can be just what is needed to bring even more fun and excitement to your next event.

Don’t wait! Call 402.812.5676  today for a price quote!!  Or visit us a www.photoboothexperts.com

Our Photo Booth is a fantastic way to spice up the party by breaking the ice and giving everyone something to participate in, talk about.  And best of all they will leave your party with a fun photo strip keepsake they will remind them of how much fun they had at your event.

Photo Booth Experts provides services for: Omaha Photo Booth rentals » Des Moines Photo Booth rentals » Chicago Photo Booth rentals » Denver Photo Booth rentals » Spokane Photo Booth rentals » Kansas City Photo Booth rentals » Seattle Photo Booth rentals » Oklahoma City Photo Booth rentals » Little Rock Photo Booth rentals and more…

Request a Photo Booth Rental Quote on the website or call 402.812.5676 if you have any questions. www.photoboothexperts.com


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